"The you-wave of film."

Premiere the Reel You and meet others with a drive and passion for film. Creativity knows no limits, and neither will you with the correct platform that gets you in touch with your very own community.

Dreams no longer have to stay as dreams!

Yep. Its Reel.

Platform for Autuers

A platform for users to utilize as a means of displaying your work proudly for others to see, share, and reach out to you with praise and an opportunity to work together!

Community for Dreamers

A community for dreamers to not stay stagnant in progress towards creative pursuits. Meet people who will support you and seek to partner with you in the production of a film!

Silver Screen for You

A silver screen for you to find people with similar tastes in films and a passion for production. Watch and share films from other creators while your films are also shared!

About Reel Me

from the creator of Reel Me

What is the story behind “Reel Me”?

I vividly remember attending the finals of UIL Film 2020. I was so honored to attend such a big event as one of the seven of the 300+ people who had created a film for the competition, but also insanely intimidated. The only thought that soothed me was remembering that although this room full of people were my competitors at this point of time, these, under normal circumstances, were the community of people I would have done anything to work with and meet. This revelation was massive on an emotional level, although maybe not comforting at the time considering I continued to cover my head with a blanket to hide as my film premiered on a theater screen.

In this moment, my respect only grew for my community as I realized that I would be lucky to be able to work with them and aid them in success. Hence Reel Me's priority towards helping the film community unite!